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Que el hombre deve alegrarse en Dios.

Ottava rhima.

Mira como el pintor con docta mano
A Ganymedes[1] hyzo ser llevado
Del’ave consagrada al soberano  [M]
Juppiter, hasta el cielo afortunado.
Mas quien creerà de un amor tan profano
Aqueste dios aver sido tocado?
Un alma el niño es que de alegrada
En puro amor, de Dios esta ensalçada.

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1.  Ganymede, son of the Trojan prince, Tros, snatched away by the gods to be Jove’s cup-bearer. See Homer, Iliad 20.232ff, though the eagle is a post-Homeric addition. The Greek motto in the accompanying illustration means ‘to delight in counsels’, referring to a supposed etymology of the name Ganymedes, for which see Xenophon, Symposium 8.30.

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