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Andrea Alciato's Les Emblemes,
Jean II de Tournes, 1615

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This description is based on Entry F.068 in Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders, A Bibliography of French Emblem Books (Geneva: Droz, 1999-2002).

Reproduced by kind permission of Librarie Droz.

GUL: sm32_a1r. Actual page height: 110mm
GUL: sm32_a1r. Actual page height: 110mm.

16o in 8s: A-Q8 [$5 (-A1, O4) signed] 128 leaves, pages numbered [1-2] 3-256.


hey. ars. t.e, PoNo 3 M. D. CXV.
hey. ars. t.e, PoNo 3 M. D. CXXVIII.


A1ro: title; A1vo: blank; A2ro: ‘J.D.T au Lecteur S.’, ends A2vo; A3ro: ‘Sur le tiltre du livre’; A3vo: dedication: Alciato to Peutinger; A4ro: emblems begin; Book 1 ends L4ro; L4ro: head-title for Book 2, ends Q8vo.


Book 1 has 113 emblems in the Lefevre translation, all illustrated, with translation by Jean II de Tournes, of the Stockhamer commentary found in Latin editions of 1556 onwards; Book 2 has 99 emblems in a new translation (with commentary) by Jean II de Tournes, all but 8 unillustrated (one, D098, duplicating D123 in Book 1). The woodcut which in the 1614 Latin edition (F.066) is associated with ‘Insani gladius’ (D176) is now used instead for ‘Garrulitas’ (D070). Verse in italic, 32mm for 10 lines; commentary in roman, 32mm for 10 lines; ‘J.D.T. au Lecteur’ in ‘civilité’, 32mm for 10 lines.

GUL: SMAdd32: E6v-E7r. Actual page height: 110mm
GUL: SMAdd32: E6v-E7r. Actual page height: 110mm.


The 1628 issue differs only in the reset cancellans title leaf.

As well as translating the commentary for Book 1, and providing a new translation of Book 2 incorporating the commentaries first added in 1614 (F.066), Jean II de Tournes states in his introduction that he has undertaken a revision of Book 1, and this includes new translations of the 3 emblems not previously found in de Tournes French editions (D107, D113, D014; see F.022).


Not in Praz; Landwehr, 95; Green, 143; Tung, 107.

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Fra *PBArs (1615)
Swi BOEBU (1615)
UKi *GU (1615)
USA *MnU (1628)
USA NNC (1615)


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