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Pierre Coustau's Pegme,
Barthélemy Molin, 1560

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This description is based on Entry F.202 in Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders, A Bibliography of French Emblem Books (Geneva: Droz, 1999-2002).

Reproduced by kind permission of Librarie Droz.

GUL: sm372_a1r. Actual page height: 157mm.
GUL: sm372_a1r. Actual page height: 157mm.


8o: A-Z8 AA-CC8 DD4 [$4 (-A1, A2, DD4) signed], 212 leaves, pages numbered [1-2] 3-416 [8]. [Signing DD2-3 as CC2, CC3; misnumbering 259 as 159]. [Variants: L1 unsigned (UKi GU; USA CMalG); missigning O4 as O (UKi BL (1 copy)); Q1 unsigned (Fra PBMa (1 copy), USA NjP); X1 unsigned (USA NjP); misnumbering 92 as 62 (Fra PBMa (all copies), FRG MSB, UKi CU, UKi GU, UKi OB (both copies), USA CMalG, USA CSmH, USA ICN, USA IU, USA NjP.]


aiCi x.en ntro Plti 3 M.D.LX.


A1ro: title; A1vo: privilege: dated 7 March 1553; ‘achevé d’imprimer’, dated 23 February 1560; A2ro: ‘Au Lecteur’ by Romieu, ends A3vo; A4ro: emblems begin, and end CC8vo; DD1ro: table, ends DD3vo; DD4ro: blank; DD4vo: colophon [Variant: no colophon (USA IU)].


119 emblems, of which 95 are illustrated. All pages are set in decorative frames. Each emblem begins on a new page: title; (usually) a description of the significance of the emblem, or source reference; woodcut (when present); verse text; ‘narration philosophique’. The emblems are in a different order from the 1555 edition (F.201), and are here augmented by ‘narrations philosophiques’. Text mainly in roman, 82mm for 20 lines.

GUL: SM372: K7rvo-K8ro. Actual page height: 157mm.
GUL: SM372: K7rvo-K8ro. Actual page height: 157mm.


This edition exists in three states: for Macé Bonhomme himself, for his son Michel Bonhomme, and for Barthélemy Molin. The setting of the title pages is identical, except for the marks and the imprints.

There is an insecurity of imposition betweeen the various copies: of the various gatherings, only A, M-P, T, V, Z, AA-CC appear to have been printed from exactly comparable formes in the copies examined.

In the Fra PBArs copy the ‘narrations philosophiques’ have been excised, and the volume reassembled without them.


Praz, p. 309; Landwehr, 244-244a.

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Den *CKB
Fra AiBM
Fra *BeBM (Molin)
Fra *BN (Macé Bonhomme)
Fra *LBM (Molin)
Fra LuBM
Fra *PBArs (Molin; seriously mutilated)
Fra *PBMa (3 copies; 1 Macé Bonhomme, 2 Molin)
Fra TrBM.
FRG *MSB (Macé Bonhomme)
Net *UUB (Molin)
UKi *BL (2 copies; both Molin)
UKi *CU (Macé Bonhomme)
UKi *GU (Molin)
UKi *OB (2 copies; 1 Molin, 1 seriously defective, lacking title)
USA *CMalG (Molin)
USA *CSmH (Macé Bonhomme)
USA *DFo (Molin)
USA *ICN (Macé Bonhomme)
USA *IU (Michel Bonhomme)
USA *NjP (Molin)


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