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Emblem Digitisation Projects

boy with fish emblem

On June 21st and 22nd, 2001, a group of some twenty researchers with an interest in computerized emblem research met at the University of Glasgow to discuss a CD-ROM digital emblem publication project. This workshop, which was ably organized by Alison Adams in her capacity as Director of the Centre for Emblem Studies, and held in the Henry Heaney Room of Glasgow University Library adjacent to the magnificent new premises of the Special Collections Department, brought together specialists combining particular expertise in Alciato and in the French, German, Dutch and Spanish emblem corpora, and in the applications of computer technology to these corpora.

More about the workshop on June 21st/22nd 2001

Follow-up meeting in Palma de Mallorca, 6 October 2001

Links to digitisation projects already under way may be found on the Links page.

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