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Doctos doctis obloqui nefas esse

Listed below are links to Institutions, groups, and libraries that we are either affiliated with or that our members are affiliated with.


OpenEmblem initiative: An international initiative hosted by the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, home of one of the largest emblem book collections. Among other things the aim is to access emblems published on the web, using a single search mechanism.

Renaissance Society for America:

Grupo de Investigacion sobre Literatura Emblematica Hispanica: Universidade da Coruna:

Centre for Emblem Studies: University of Glasgow:

Union Catalogue

The Union Catalogue of Emblem Books database elaborated by Peter Daly and placed online by Stan Beeler, at the University of Northern British Columbia is available at:


Libraries with large emblem collections. This list is subjective: never rule out any library with antiquarian stock when looking for emblem books.

Glasgow University Library:

Stirling Maxwell Collection Description:

CURL (Consortium of University Research Libraries) which maintians a Union Catalogue (COPAC) of more than 20 of the largest academic libraries in the UK and Ireland: COPAC offers catalogue access to thousands of copies of emblem books, notably in university libraries in Birmingham, Dublin (Trinity College), Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London (at several sites), Manchester, Oxford (Bodleian and colleges), as well as the entries in the British Library Public Catalogue (see also London: British Library, below).

One COPAC option (as yet not fully refined) is to include the on-line catalogues of the National Libray of Scotland and the National Library of Wales in searches.

Edinburgh: National Library of Scotland:

London: British Library:

London: National Art Library:

Vienna: Osterreicische Nationalbibliothek:

Munich: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek:

Wolfenbüttel: Herzog August Bibliothek:

Amsterdam: University Library:

Leiden: University Library:

Utrecht: University Library:

Copenhagen: Det Kongelige Bibliotek:

Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France:

The Bibliothèque nationale de France also maintains the immensely rich ‘Catalogue collectif de France’ covering many of the extremely important provincial libraries, as well as the BnF itself and many French academic libraries:

Princeton: Princeton University Library:

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University:

New Haven, Conn,:

Campaign/Urbana, Ill: University of Illinois:

Chicago, Ill.: Newberry Library:

New York Public Library, NY:

Emblem Related Websites

Memorial University of Newfoundland Alciato Website:

Glasgow University Emblem Website:
This site currently specializes in French emblematic texts. The first projects are the Lefevre translation of Alciato (1536) and the Aneau translation (1549).

Glasgow Centre for Emblem Studies digitisation project:

Emblem Project Utrecht:
Currently includes Daniel Heinsius, Emblemata amatoria; Otto van Veen, Amorum emblemata and Amoris divini emblemata.

German Emblem Books: A Digital Imaging Project:
A project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Bavarian State Library Project:
"Digitalisierung von ausgewählten Emblembüchern der frühen Neuzeit". The project sets out to provide digital versions of emblem books unlikely to be mounted elsewhere. The selection is indeed interestingly eclectic.

University of Bergamo, Biblioteca Emblematica:
"L'archivio comprende un corpus di 372 volumi di trattatistica sugli emblemi e sulle imprese digitalizzato in formato immagine. I testi riguardano pubblicazioni europee che vanno dai primi decenni del 1500 al 1820 circa. La banca dati, consultabile tramite ricerca semplice e avanzata sulle informazioni bibliografiche, consente di visualizzare le opere nella loro interezza attraverso immagini in formato JPG." Access to the site requires a login, obtainable by e-mail from the Home Page. Indexing is minimal (with no content indexing at all), but there is a considerable number of important books here, from various (unacknowledged) libraries. Reproduction standards are not high.

The English Emblem Book Project:
An undated project in which ten important English emblem books, some in late editions.

Emblem Books:
A full set of scans of the 1531 text of Alciato, with summary emblem texts in English, prepared by Bob Hay, who runs a web operation in Athens, Georgia. Nice idea, but marred by typos and minimal sense of historical context.

Emblem Books in Leiden:
An on-line catalogue of the collections of Leiden University Library, the ‘Maatschappijder Nederlandse Letterkunde’ and Bibliotheca Thysiana.

Centro ERNESTO SOARES de iconografia e simbólica: Contains, notably, bibliographical information from Portuguese sources not found elsewhere.

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Other Related Links

[Assembled partly with heavy reliance on Bill Barker's Alciato site at the Memorial University of Newfoundland]

Adam McLean's Alchemy Website:

An announcement of a collection of electronic texts, to be published on CD-ROM, including the 1531 and 1621 Alciato texts, and various works and editions of Anacreon, Cartari, Doni, Erasmus, Horapollo, Pausanias, Plutarch, Ripa.

An ambitious project at Leiden University in the study of iconology. There is a plan to convert a number of emblem books into SGML. Claude Paradin's Devises heroïques is the only one to be converted so far, but Alciato is next. This site is technically sophisticated, with the project intended to serve as a important scholarly resource in icon classification. Elsewhere on the site there is an interesting and thorough discussion of the adage festina lente.

An Analytic Bibliography of On-line Neolatin Texts
A very useful list of some 120 Neolatin works currently on the Web, prepared by Dana Sutton, who teaches classics at University of California, Irvine.

Early Modern Literary Studies:
The site has moved to the University of Alberta. The "WWW Resources" page gives an excellent survey of materials for the period.

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (Toronto):
The Bookmark page is another fine survey of Renaissance materials.

Voice of the Shuttle:
A huge humanities resource.

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili:
A complete scan of the 1499 text from MIT Press and the Design Knowledge Systems Group at the Technical University of Delft, to accompany the new book by Lianne Lefaivre (a study of the work, with an unusual claim that the book is by Leon Battista Alberti). Some additional information and graphics also provided.

Mateo / Mannheim Texts On Line:
A rich collection of texts, some illustrated, from the library of the University of Mannheim in Germany. Most interesting for emblem scholars are the Aesop of 1501 and the full illustrations of Boissard's portrait book of 1652-69, most of the plates reused from the edition of 1597-9. Note that though beautifully scanned the image files are very large.

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