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Officers of the Society:

President of the Society: Emeritus Professor Daniel Russell, University of Pittsburgh

Chairman: Professor Mara Wade, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Newsletter Editor: Dr Sabine Moedersheim
Treasurer: Dr Arnoud Visser

Advisory Board:

Prof. Paulette Choné, (Nancy)
Prof. Peter Daly (McGill University, Montreal)
Prof. Michael Giordano (Detroit/Michigan)
Prof. David Graham (Concordia University, Montreal)
Prof. Sagrario López Poza (La Coruña)
Prof. Sabine Mödersheim (Madison, Wisconsin)
Prof. Jean Michel Massing (Cambridge)
Prof. Daniel S. Russell (Pittsburgh)
Prof. Michael Bath (Strathclyde/Glasgow)
National Representatives:

The National Representatives for the Society are as follows:

Belgium: Dr Wim van Dongen, Molenstraat 31, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Canada: Dr Mary Silcox, Department of English, Chester New Hall 321, McMaster University, 1280 Main Street W., Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4L9

France: Professor Anne-Elisabeth Spica, 5 rue des Piques, 57000 METZ

Germany: Professor Dr Dietmar Peil, Elsternweg 20, 85757 Karlsfeld

Japan: Ms Misako Matsuda, 1-16-13 Nakamachi, Tokyo 158-0091

Netherlands: Dr Wim van Dongen, Molenstraat 31, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Spain: Professor Sagrario López Poza, C/ Cerquidos, 1, 15660 CAMBRE (A Coruña)

U.S.A.: Professor Debbie Barrett-Graves, 4023 Painted Pony Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Affiliated Groups and Societies:

The Society is affiliated with the following learned societies and organisations:

Renaissance Society of America

Sociedad Espanola de Emblematica
Universidad de Extramadura
Dept. de Historia del Arte
Ava. de la Universidad s/n
10.071 Caceres, Spain

Grupo de Investigación sobre Literatura Emblemática Hispánica
, Universidad da Coruña, Spain

Glasgow Centre for Emblem Studies, University of Glasgow

Warburg Institute, University of London

Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbuttel

Stiftsarchiv St. Gallen, Switzerland


Sir William Stirling Maxwell Fellowship

The Fellowship was founded in 1987 by the University of Glasgow in memory of Sir William Stirling Maxwell, the originator o fthe renowned collection of Emblem and Fête Books which bears his name and which his son, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, bequeathed to the University in 1958. It is awarded from time to time to suitably qualified researchers engaged on emblem or image studies and is intended to encourage scholarly interest in the Collection.

Further information is available on the Glasgow Centre for Emblem Studies website.
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