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Transitory success

Aëriam propter crevisse cucurbita pinum
Dicitur, & grandi luxuriasse coma
Cum ramos complexa, ipsumque egressa cacumen
Se praestare aliis credidit arboribus.
Cui pinus, nimium brevis est haec gloria, nam te
Protinus advemiet [=adveniet] , quae male perdat[1] hyems.

A gourd, it is said, grew beside a lofty pine and flourished with abundant foliage. When it had enveloped the branches and grown taller than the tree-top, it then thought itself superior to the other trees. The pine said to it: This glory is exceedingly brief. For winter will shortly come which will utterly destroy you.


1.  Textual variant: perdet.

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