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Mentem non formam plus pollere.

Intelligence matters, not beauty

Ingressa vulpes in Choragi pergulam,
Fabre expolitum invenit humanum caput,
Sic eleganter fabricatum, ut spiritus
Solům deesset, caeteris vivisceret:
Id illa cům sumpsisset in manus, ait,
Hoc[1] quale caput est, sed cerebrum non habet.[2]

A fox, entering the store-room of a theatrical producer, found an actor’s mask, skilfully shaped, so finely fashioned that the spirit alone was missing, in all else it seemed alive. Taking it up, the fox addressed it - What a head is this, but it has no brain!


1.  Textual variant: O.

2.  See Phaedrus, Fables 1.7 (also in iambic senarii); Aesop, Fables 43.

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