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Mutuum auxilium.

Mutual help

Loripedem sublatum humeris fert lumine captus,
Et socii haec oculis munera retribuit.
Quo caret alteruter, concors sic praestat uterque:
Mutuat hic oculos, mutuat ille pedes.[1]

A man deprived of sight carries on his shoulders one with deformed feet and offers this service in return for the use of his companion’s eyes. So each of them by mutual consent supplies what the other lacks. One borrows eyes, the other feet.

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Confort mutuel.

Fortune a ung lalleure osta,
Et a ung aultre les deux yeulx:
Mais leur mal elle conforta,
Par bon moyen & gratieux:
Car celluy qui fut chassieux,
Le boiteux pour guyde portoit:
Ainsi le deffault vitieux
Lung envers laultre supportoit.
Ung paovre impotent & goutteux,
Neust sceu dung lieu se transporter:
Et laveugle nest point boiteux,
Mais il ne scait quel part troter:
Lors se feist le boiteux porter,
Qui laveugle en chemin mectoit:
Laultre qui scait ses dictz notter,
Ses deux piedz pour les yeulx prestoit.


1.  This is based on Anthologia graeca 9.12.

2.  In the 1536 edition, the two verses are run together as one.

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