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Parvam culinam duobus ganeonibus
non sufficere.

A small kitchen will not satisfy two gluttons

In modicis nihil est quod quis lucretur, & unum
Arbustum geminos non alit Erithacos.[1]
In tenui spes nulla lucri est, unoque residunt
Arbusto geminae non bene Ficedulae.

No one can make anything out of small resources. One clump of trees does not feed two robins.
There is no hope of gain where means are small. Two flycatchers (lit. fig-peckers) don’t lodge well in one clump of trees.

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Petite cuysine a deux glou-
tons ne suffist.

Deux advocatz en petit siege,
Deux chatz en petite cuisine,
Deux poix en leaue sur peu de liege,
Nont pas profitable saisine.
Ce que en ceste histoire designe,
Soubz une grive la vergette,
Qui ne luy peult souffrir voisine,
Sans quelle plie & hors la gecte.


1. ‘One clump of trees does not feed two robins’. For this proverb, see Apostolius, Proverbs 11.68, where it is said to refer to ‘those who try to turn something small into a source of profit’.

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