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In eum qui truculentia suorum perierit.

On one who perished through the savagery of his own people.


Delphinem invitum me in littora compulit aestus,
Exemplum infido quanta pericla mari.
Nam si nec propriis Neptunus parcit alumnis,
Quis tutos homines navibus esse putet?[1]

I am a dolphin whom the tide drove ashore against my will, an example showing what great dangers there are in the treacherous sea. For if Neptune does not spare even his own nurslings, who can think that men are safe in ships?

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A cil qui a mal par les siens.


Je Daulphin de la Mer natif,
Ayant prins en elle substance,
Ne pensoye point estre aprentif,
En son amour & accointance:
Or sens je ores son inconstance,
Gisant au soleil sur la greve.
Ce n’est doncq’ estrange sentence,
Quand la faulce Mer l’homme griefve.


1. This is based on Anthologia graeca 7.216 (two lines omitted).

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