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Remedia in arduo, mala in
prono esse.

Remedies are hard, damage is easy


Aetheriis postquàm deiecit sedibus Aten
Iuppiter,[1] heu vexat quàm mala noxa viros.
Evolat haec pedibus celer & pernicibus alis,
Intactumque nihil casibus esse sinit.
Ergo Litae proles Iovis hanc comitantur euntem,[2]
Sarturae quicquid fecerit illa mali.
Sed quia segnipedes, strabae[3], lassaeque senectâ,
Nil nisi pòst longo tempore restituunt.

Once Jupiter had cast Ate down from the heavenly abode, what an evil bane thereafter assailed poor man! Ate flies out fleet of foot with fast-beating wing and leaves nothing untouched by mishap. So Jove’s daughters, the Litae, accompany her as she goes, to mend whatever ill she has brought about. But they are slow-footed, poor of sight and weary with age, and so they restore nothing until later, after long passage of time.

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Maulx viennent promptement,
et biens a difficulté.


Attey de Juppiter chassée
Pour nuyre, vola sur la terre.
Et n’y fait pas une passée,
Sans rendre feu, fain, peste, ou guerre.
Lites apres vont, non grand erre,
Car vieilles sont, & mal trotans:
Dont l’on ne peult leur bien acquerre,
Fors apres longue espace, & temps.


1.  ‘Jupiter had cast Ate down’. See Homer, Iliad 19. 125ff.

2.  ‘the Litae accompany her’. See Homer, Iliad 9.502ff. Ate means ‘Mischief’, Litae, ‘Prayers’. Ate was cast out of Olympus to bring harm to mankind, a personification of humans being led astray. The Litae were a personification of prayers offered in repentance.

3.  Textual variant: luscae.

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