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Ex literarum studiis immortalitatem

Immortality won through literary pursuits


Neptuni tubicen, cuius pars ultima cetum,
Aequoreum facies indicat esse Deum,
Serpentis medio Triton comprenditur orbe,
Qui caudam inserto mordicus ore tenet.
Fama viros animo insignes praeclaraque gesta
Prosequitur, toto mandat & orbe legi.[1]

Triton, Neptune’s trumpeter, whose tail shows him as a sea-monster, his face as a god of the sea, is surrounded by an encircling snake which bites on its own tail, gripped fast in its mouth. Fame follows after men of outstanding intellect and their noble achievements, and bids them be read throughout all the world.

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Durch kunst erlangt man
ewig gerucht.


Triton der gotter in dem meer.
Trommetter, halb walfisch, halb man,
Hat man seltzam gemalet her:
Die schlang woelch du sihst umb in gan
Gantz circkel rund, vil jar zaigt an
Unendlich vil, das lob und ehr
Der glerten leut mug fest bestan,
Der wird vergeßen nimmer mehr.


1.  The trumpet represents fame, the encircling serpent eternity.

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