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Que no se à de loar lo que loor no mereze.

Ottava rhima.

Sin esperança de vittoria alguna
Yva Antiocho con su gente huyendo
Quando la fuerça puesta en contrapuna
A la de los Galatas resistiendo
Del elephante, fizo [=hizo] à la Fortuna
Dar vuelta. El Rey su tropheo poniendo
Hizo escrivir junto a la bestia fiera,
Dulce es vencer mas no de esta manera.[1]


1.  For this incident, see Lucian, Zeuxis sive Antiochus 8-11. In 276 BC Antiochus I won against fearful odds by directing his sixteen elephants against the Galatian horsemen and scythed chariots. Not only did the horses turn in panic and cause chaos among their own infantry, but the elephants came on behind, tossing, goring and trampling. Although he had won an overwhelming victory, Antiochus did not consider it a matter for congratulation.

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