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Que el nombre de los diestros es immortal.

Ottava rhima.

Esta es la sepultura šelebrada
De Aquiles, puesta par d’el mar Sigęo.
Visitala la Tetis,[1] y šercada
Siempre la tiene de un sottil rodeo
De un verde ramo, que en ella enšerrada
EstÓ la muerte de Hector, y el deseo
De la Gręcia cumplido por entero.
No deve mas Ó Homero que Ó ella Homero.[2]


1. áThetis, a sea-nymph, mother of Achilles, called ‘silver-footed’ by Homer.

2. áHomer told in the Iliad the famous story of Achilles’wrath and refusal to fight during the Trojan War, and of his eventual slaying of Hector, the chief warrior on the Trojan side. (For which see Emblem 57, [A49a057]). For the sentiment that great deeds need to be sung in order not to be forgotten, see Horace, Odes, 4.8.20ff; and that great literature needs great themes, see Tacitus, Dialogus de oratoribus, 37.

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