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Que la eloquencia es difficuliosa [=difficultosa] .

Ottava rhima.

Para escaparse d’el encantamiento
De Circes, diò una yerva[1] el excelente  [M]
Mercurio à Ulysses, cuyo entendimiento
Declaran ser el hablar eloquente.
Dizen que mal se arranca d’el asiento,
Por que ninguno acança [=alcança] facilmente
El bien hablar, mas tiene hermosas flores
Que son de la eloquencia los primores.

[Marginalia - link to text]Moly.


1.  See Homer, Odyssey, 10.270ff. for the story of the encounter of Ulysses and his crew with the sorceress Circe on the island of Aeaea. The plant moly is described ibid, 302-6. See Emblem 130 ([A49a130]), for the effect of Circe’s poisoned cup. Cf. Erasmus, De Copia (Loeb edition, 1.91 D), where moly is interpreted as wisdom rather than eloquence. Cf. Coustau, ‘In herbam Moly, ex Homero’ ([FCPb073]).

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