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La luxuria.


El Fauno con la oruga coronado
Da seņal de luxuria y de su llama,
Que en el cabron y oruga[2] esto es notado,
Y el Satyro ā las Nymphas sigue y ama.[3]


1.  The woodcut used here is also used in ‘La fuerza de la naturaleza’ [[A49a189]], but not that found in three emblems in the French editions of 1549. See [FALb066], [FALb091] and [FALb115].

2.  Oruga = rocket: described as herba salax in Ovid, Ars amatoria, 4.22. Pliny, Natural History, 10.83.182 and 19.44.154, lists it as an aphrodisiac.

3.  Satyrs were creatures half-human, half-goat in form, like Faunus, and Pan with whom Faunus was often identified. See emblems 189 ([A49a189]), and 105 ([A49a105]). Cf. Horace, Odes, 3.18.1: ‘Faunus, you who lust after the fleeing nymphs’.

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