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Comigo traygo todos mis bienes.[1]

Ottava rhima.

El Hunno pobre que en el ponto mora
De Scytia,[2] del gran frio trespasado
Donde Ceres y Bacco se empeora[3]
Es de ricos vestidos adornado,  [M]
Porque si no es los ojos, en toda hora
En ricas pieles estŕ arrebuxado.
Ansi no teme ladron ni otros males
Para con Dios seguro y los mortales.

[Marginalia - link to text]Pan y vino.


1.  These words, (according to Cicero, Paradoxa Stoicorum, 1.8, and Seneca, Epistulae morales, 9.19), were used by the philosophers Bias and Stilbo, when they had apparently lost everything; also by the poet Simonides when shipwrecked (Phaedrus, 4.22.14).

2.  The Pontus Scythicus was one Classical name for the Black Sea (also known as Pontus Euxinus), on the northern shores of which dwelt various barbarian tribes, from Scythians to Goths to Huns.

3.  As indicated in the marginal note, a reference to bread and wine, given to mankind by Ceres and Bacchus.

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