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Concordiae Symbolum.

A symbol of concord.

Cornicum mira inter se concordia vitae est,
Inque vicem nunqum contaminata fides.[1]
Hinc volucres haec sceptra gerunt, quod scilicet omnes
Consensu populi stantque, caduntque duces:
Quem si de medio tollas, discordia praeceps.
Advolat, & secum regia fata trahit.

Marvellous is the unanimity between crows as they live together, and their loyalty to each other, never dishonoured. For this reason these birds hold the sceptre. - Assuredly all leaders stand and fall by the consent of the people. If you take away consent, tumultuous discord comes flying in and drags kings down in its wake.


1. See Aelian, De natura animalium 3.9. on the mutual love and loyalty of crows.

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