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De bien en mieulx.

En l’an nouvel me feit ung Paysant
D’ung groing de porc estraine,[1] en me disant.
Le porc foillant tousjours advence pas:
Et ne recule, en cherchant son repas.
Mesme cure est aulx hommes: Qu’esperance
Ne tire arriere, mais plus oultre s’advance.[2]

Rusticque comparaison d’ung Porceau à L’Empe-
reur Charles le quint, sur la sentence de sa devise
plus oultre: donnant à entendre, qu’il fault
tousjours proceder de bien en mieulx.


1.  For pork as a seasonal present at the Saturnalia (17-23 December), see Martial, Epigrams, 14.71: ‘This pig, fattened on acorns among the foaming boars, will make your Saturnalia happy’.

2.  ulterius. This, the last word of the epigram in the original Latin, is written on the back of the boar in the pictura, where it suggests the meaning ‘ever onward’. Ulterius is sometimes used as a device of Charles V.

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