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Ce qu’est sur nous, est rien à nous.[1]

Au mont caucas Prometheus[2] estaché
A foye, & coeur par un Aigle arraché,
Et se repend d’avoir l’homme formé,
Damnant le feu par larcin allumé.
Des sages sont rongez coeurs curieux,
Voulans savoir la volunté des Dieux.

Les gens trop curieux, en occulte philosophie, com
me Astrologie judiciaire, Magie, & toute Mantie,
ou menterie, ont le coeur rongé par sollicitude, trop
affiix [=] , & estachéz à leur inquisition secrette.


1.  See Erasmus, Adagia 569, Quae supra nos nihil ad nos.

2.  The Titan Prometheus appears in myth as the champion of men against the ill-will of Zeus. According to one account, he moulded man out of clay. Again, when Zeus withheld fire from mortals, Prometheus ascended to heaven and stole fire from the chariot of the sun for the benefit of men. As a perpetual punishment, Prometheus was put in chains and suspended from a rock in the Caucasus, where an eagle, the sacred bird of Zeus, in the day-time consumed his liver, which renewed itself every night. See Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.82ff; Hesiod, Theogony 561ff.

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  • Prometheus makes man out of clay, usually Minerva present [91E451] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Prometheus steals fire from the chariot of the sun [91E4521] Search | Browse Iconclass

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