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Sur L’obliance du pays.[1]


Tu as long temps, tes parens, & amys.
Et ton pays laisséz, en obly mis.
Tu es à Romme, & ne te chaut au reste
De retourner. L’honneur Rommain t’arreste.
Ainsi les gens d’Ulysses ont quicté
Duc, & pays: ayans du Lot gousté.[2]

La ou est le bien, la est le pays, Car la dou-
ceur d’un pays estrange, fait oblier le sien
propre. Comme les compaignons d’Ulysses
quand ilz furent au bon pays des Lotopha-
: la voulurent demourer sans retourner
en leur rude pays de Itacque.


1.  Unusually, this emblem does not correspond to that found in this position in the 1549 edition. The disparity presumably occurred when the forme was imposed. LINK REQUIRED ‘Contr’Amour, ou Amour de Vertu surmontant l’aultre Cupidon’ is here found on I7ro. In 1549 this emblem is illustrated; presumably the woodcut used there was damaged or lost, because in later editions from Rouille and Bonhomme it is replaced with a fresh cut.

2.  See Homer, Odyssey 9.83ff. for the story of Ulysses’ crew (men from the island of Ithaca) in the land of the Lotus Eaters, where those who ate the lotus had no more thought of returning home. See Erasmus, Adagia 1662 Lotum gustavit.

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