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Desidet in medio[1] Essaeus, speculator & astra
Subtus & accensam contegit igne facem.[2]
Segnities specie recti velata cucullo[3],
Non se non alios utilitate iuvat.[4]

The Theorist sits idly on the bushel-box and looks up at the stars, and underneath he covers up the flaming torch. Idleness, making a show of virtue, its head covered with a cowl, does no good to itself or anyone else.

Das CLXXI [=170] .


Auff dem Scheffel der Esseer sitzt
Und braucht ins Himmels lauff sein witz
Darunder er bedeckt und störtz
Ein angezündte Fackel Kertz
Die faulkeit so verborgen leit
Underm schein grosser heiligkeit
Und in einer Kutten verbutzt
Ist weder im noch andern nutz.


1.  Desidet in modio, ‘sits idly on the bushel-box’. See next emblem ([A67a171]).

2.  accensam contegit igne facem: ‘covers up the flaming torch’. Cf. Matthew 5:15, ‘Neque accendunt lucernam et ponunt eam sub modio’ (nor do men light a candle and put it under a bushel).

3.  Corrected from the errata.

4.  Cf. Erasmus, Adagia, 1452, ‘Nec sibi nec aliis utilis’.

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