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The box-tree

Perpetuò viridis, crispoque cacumine Buxus,
Unde est disparibus fistula facta modis:[1]
Delitiis apta est teneris, & amantibus arbor:
Pallor inest illi, pallet & omnis amans.[2]

The box-tree is evergreen, with crinkly shoots. From it was made the pipe with its variously pitched notes. It is a tree appropriate to tender delights and to lovers. Box-wood is pale and so is every lover.

Das CCIX [=204] .


Der Buchbaum ist grün alle zeit
Der schöne krausse Wirbel treit
Auß den macht man mancherley weiß
Liebliche Pfeiffen sonders fleiß
Dieser Baum tauget zu fried und schimpff
Und den Bulern zu ehr und glimpff
Sein Holtz ist gel, also auch all
Die mit lieb seind verhafft zumal.


1.  For pipes of boxwood, see e.g. Ovid, Metamorphoses, 4.30.

2.  pallet et omnis amans, ‘ every lover’. The lover should affect pallor and emaciation, as these will soften the lady’s heart; see Ovid, Ars Amatoria, 1.729ff.

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