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Another on the bat.


Vespere quae tantům volitat, quae lumine lusca est,
Quae cům alas gestet, caetera muris habet;
Ad res diversas trahitur: mala nomina primům
Signat, quae latitant, iudiciumque timent.
Inde & Philosophos, qui dum caelestia quaerunt,
Caligant oculis, falsaque sola vident.
Tandem & versutos, cům clam sectentur utrumque,
Acquirunt neutra qui sibi parte fidem.

The creature that flies only in the evening, that has poor sight, that is endowed with wings, but has other features belonging to a mouse, is used to represent various things. First it indicates persons of bad standing who lie low and fear being called to account. Next philosophers, who, while they search the heavens, develop blurred vision and only see what is false. Lastly, wily men, who secretly court both parties, but do not win trust on either side.

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