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Nihil reliqui.

Nothing left


Scilicet hoc deerat post tot mala, denique nostris
Locustae ut raperent quicquid inesset agris.[1]
Vidimus innumeras Euro[2] duce tendere turmas,
Qualia non Atylae, castrave Xerxis erant.[3]
Hae foenum, milium, farra[4] omnia consumpserunt.
Spes & in angusto est, stant nisi vota super.

This was all it needed - that after so many misfortunes, finally locusts should seize whatever was in our fields. We have seen countless squadrons encamped, led by Eurus, hosts such as Attila and Xerxes never had. These creatures have eaten up all hay, millet and barley. There is little scope for hope unless our prayers prevail.


1.  Referring to a plague of locusts in North Italy in 1541/2.

2.  Eurus was the wind from the East.

3.  Attila the Hun and Xerxes, King of Persia, were leaders who invaded the Roman Empire and Greece with vast armies in mid fifth century AD and 480 BC respectively. Xerxes’ invasion and Attila’s first invasion both came from the east.

4.  Variant reading: corda, ‘later crops’.

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