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The laurel


Praescia venturi laurus, fert signa salutis:
Subdita pulvillo somnia vera facit.[1]
Debetur Carlo superatis laurea Poenis:[2]
Victrices ornent talia serta comas.

The laurel that can tell what is to come provides omens of prosperity. Put under the pillow it brings true dreams.
Now that the Poeni [i.e. North Africans / Tunisians] have been defeated, Charles deserves the laurel - let wreaths of laurel adorn the victor’s locks.


1.  The laurel was sacred to Apollo, god of prophecy. The priestess of Apollo at Delphi induced a prophetic trance by chewing laurel leaves. Prophecies were sometimes written on laurel leaves. If laurel leaves crackle when thrown into the flames, happiness is portended.

2.  Emperor Charles V took Tunis in North Africa in 1535. Poeni (‘Phoenicians’) was an alternate name for the people of Carthage, where Tunis was later established.

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