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Les tresfermes choses, ne povoir estre arrachées.

Quoy que la mer tous ses grandz flotz hors jette
Et le grand Turc le Danube à sec mette:[1]
Point toutesfois n’entrera conquereur,
Tant que Cesar Charles soit Empereur.[2]
Ainsi sur pied les grandz chenes demeurent,[3]
Quoy que les vents tombent fueilles, qui meurent.

Cest Embleme est faict à l’honneur de L’em-
pereur Charles cinquiesme, qui garda le grand
de passer à Vienne en Austriche.


1.  The Turks invaded along the Danube and reached Hungary, winning the battle of Mohacs in 1526. When Alciato was writing, they continued to threaten Vienna and Central Europe.

2.  Emperor Charles V led the charge to recover the lost territory.

3.  Oaks were holy because sacred to Zeus, especially at his sanctuary at Dodona in Greece. CHECK([A58a188]). The image of the dry leaves is already present in the Greek poem, but see also Vergil, Aeneid 4.441-4.

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