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Mentem, non formam, plus pollere.

Intelligence matters, not beauty


Ingressa vulpes in Choragi pergulam,
Fabrč expolitum invenit humanum caput,
Sic eleganter fabricatum, ut spiritus
Solům deesset, caeteris vivisceret.
Id illa cům sumpsisset in manus, ait,
O quale caput est! sed cerebrum non habet.[1]

A fox, entering the store-room of a theatrical producer, found an actor’s mask, skilfully shaped, so finely fashioned that the spirit alone was missing, in all else it seemed alive. Taking it up, the fox addressed it - What a head is this, but it has no brain!


1.  See Phaedrus, Fables 1.7 (also in iambic senarii); Aesop, Fables 43.

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