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On victory won by guile.

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Aiacis tumulum[1] ego perluo virtus,[2]
Heu misera albentes dilacerata comas.
Scilicet hoc restabat adhuc, ut iudice graeco[3],
Vincerer, & causa stet potiore dolus.[4]

I, Virtue, bedew with tears the tomb of Ajax, tearing, alas, in my grief my whitening hairs. This was all it needed - that I should be worsted with a Greek as judge, and that guile should appear to have the better cause.


1. This neither makes sense nor scans without lacrimis, cf. other editions.

2. The quotation marks at the beginning presumably signify that the verse is in the first person.

3. The Greek assembly awarded the arms of the dead Achilles to the cunning and eloquent Ulysses, not the brave and straight-forward Ajax. For Ajax’ subsequent suicide, [A34a039].

4. See Anthologia graeca 7.145.

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