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Reverentiam in matrimonio

Respect is required in marriage

Cým furit in Venerem, pelagi se in littore sistit
Vipera, & ab stomacho dira venena vomit:
Muraenamque ciens, ingentia sibila tollit:
At subitÚ amplexus appetit illa viri.[1]
Maxima debetur thalamo reverentia, coniunx
Alternum debet coniugi & obsequium.

When the viper is sexually aroused, it stations itself on the seashore and ejects the dread poisons from its gut. To summon the moray eel, it raises a loud hissing, and suddenly she comes to the embrace of her mate. - Great reverence is owed to the marriage bed, and the partners owe each other mutual respect.

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Reverence est requise a mariage.

Jacoit que le serpent soit ort
Quant il vient sibler la Lamproye:
Elle repute faire tort,
Si a son amour ne rend proye:
Par ce je dis, que chascun croye,
Quon doibt honneur a mariage:
En sorte quil fault quon octroye,
Deu au laid, ou beau personnage.


1.For the mating of the viper with the moray eel, see Pliny, Natural History 9.39.76; Aelian, De natura animalium 1.50; 9.66. The viper spits out the poison in order to be gentle and safe for the union.

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