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Spes proxima.

Hope at hand


Innumeris agitur respublica nostra procellis,
Et spes venturae sola salutis adest:
Non secus ac navis medio circm aequore venti
Quam rapiunt, salsis iamque fatiscit aquis.
Qud si Helenae adveniant lucentia sydera fratres,[1]
Amissos animos spes bona restituit.

Our country is battered by many a storm, and hope of future safety is all that we have. It is like a ship far out at sea, driven along by the tempest and already gaping open to the salty waters. Yet if the brothers of Helen, the shining stars, appear, then good hope revives the company’s lost courage.

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Prochaine [=Prochain] espoir.


La chose publique est souvent
Sans avoir vaillant, que esperance,
Comme la navire soubz vent,
Voit son peril en apparence:
Mais si la nu a transparence,
Qui les deux astres freres monstre,
Lors sont tous maulx en sufferance,
Et se attend tost bonne rencontre.


1. ‘The brothers of Helen’, i.e. the stars Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri, protectors of sailors.

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