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Quod non capit Christus, rapit fiscus.

What Christ does not receive, the exchequer seizes


Exprimit humentes quas iam madefecerat antè
Spongiolas, cupidi Principis arcta manus.
Provehit ad summum fures quos deinde coërcet,
Vertat ut in fiscum quae malè parta suum.[1]

The dripping sponges which he had previously filled with moisture the tight hand of a greedy prince is wringing out. He advances thieves to the top and then puts pressure on them, so that he may divert to his own treasury their ill-gotten gains.

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Ce qui nest a Christ, est au fisc.


Quand l’esponge est pleine de humeurs,
L’on l’estrainct pour luy faire rendre,
Comme il se faict a ces humeurs,
Qu’on trouve trop scavans a prendre,
Avant que ung larron gaigne a pendre,
Il acquiert pour sa mort dresser,
Affin que s’il y fault despendre,
L’on s’en puisse recompenser.
Ainsi quant il y fault despendre,
L’on trouve a s’en recompenser.


1.  This is based on Suetonius, Life of the Deified Vespasian 16.

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