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Signa Fortium.

The mark of the brave


Quae te causa movet volucris Saturnia[1], magni
Ut tumulo insideas ardua Aristomenis[2]?
Hoc moneo, quantum inter aves ego robore praesto,
Tantùm semideos inter Aristomenes.
Insideant timidae timidorum busta columbae,
Nos aquilae intrepidis signa benigna damus.

Saturnian bird, what cause brings you to stand with uplifted wings on the tomb of mighty Aristomenes? - I tell you this - as I stand out among the birds in power, so does Aristomenes among the sons of gods. Fearful doves may perch on the graves of the fearful. We eagles give signs of favour to the fearless.

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Eines helden wappen.


Was dringt dich adler das du stest
Auff des Aristomenes grab?
So berumbt ist der held gewest,
Als ich den preyß der voegel hab:
Darumb ist er werd diser gab,
Das ich sein ewig wappen sey,
Ein taub, oder ein schandlich Rab
Eim zagen ziert sein schilt gar frey.


1.  volucris Saturnia, ‘Saturnian bird’, i.e. the eagle, attendant on Jupiter, son of Saturn.

2.  Aristomenes was a Messenian hero of the seventh century BC, of semi-divine origin, who performed incredible exploits while leading his country for many years in resistance to the Spartans. On one occasion an eagle aided his miraculous escape from captivity.

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