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Ἀνέχου καὶ ἀπέχου.[1]

Hold on and hold off

Et toleranda homini tristis fortuna ferendo est,
Et nimium felix saepe timenda fuit.
Sustine, Epictetus dicebat, & abstine. oportet
Multa pati, illicitis absque tenere manus.
Sic ducis imperium vinctus fert poplite taurus
In dextro, sic se continet à gravidis.

A man must bear unhappy chance by seeing it through, but too happy a lot has often proved fearful as well. Hold on, Epictetus used to say, and also, Hold off. One must endure many things and also keep one’s hands away from what is not allowed. Even so the bull submits to the herdsman’s will, chained at the right knee, and so keeps away from the pregnant cows.


1.  Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae, 17.19.5-6.

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