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Ars naturam adiuvans.

Art assisting nature

Ut Fortuna pilae,[1] cubo sic insidet Hermes:
Artibus hic, variis casibus illa praeest.
Adversus vim Fortunae est ars facta:[2] sed artis
Cum Fortuna mala est, saepe requirit opem
Disce bonas artes igitur studiosa iuventus,
Quae certae secum commoda sortis habent.

As Fortune rests on a sphere, so Hermes sits on a cube. He presides over the arts, she over the varied chances of life. Art was developed to counteract the effect of Fortune, but when Fortune is bad it often needs the assistance of Art. Therefore, studious youths, learn good arts, which bring with them the benefits of an outcome not subject to chance.


1.  Variant reading, Ut spherae Fortuna, with the same meaning.

2.  Variant reading, Adversus vim Fortunae est ars tuta, ‘Art is safe against the power of Fortune’.

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