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El letrado preso de amor.


Cautivo estÓ el letrado,
Que estudioso ante era,
D’el amor de Heliodora y de su gracia,
Y estÓ tan lastimado,
Que no am˛ en tal manera
A su cu˝ada aquel gran rey de Thrašia.[1] á[M]
No basta la desgrašia
Di Venus, de la Pallas que vencida
Sin sello aora, fue en el monte Ida?[2]

[Marginalia - link to text]Tereo Ó Philomela.


1. áThe story of Tereus who lusted after his wife’s sister. See [A49a187] n.2.

2. á‘on the slopes of Ida’, a reference to the ‘judgement of Paris’, when Paris, a shepherd on Mount Ida in Asia Minor, was chosen to arbitrate in a contest of beauty and awarded the ‘apple of beauty’ or ‘discord’ to Venus (the Cyprian goddess), who thus defeated the other two contenders, Hera (the queen of the gods) and Pallas Athene (goddess of learning).
N.B. The final question mark is editorial.

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