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Que el virtuoso Amor venze Ó Cupido.

Ottava rhima.

A’l fuego d’el Amor con otro fuego,
Con arco a’l arco, Ó alas con las alas
La Nemesis dom˛, porque Amor šiego
(Como las hizo) suffra cosas malas.
No le basta llorar, no basta ruego,
Escupese tres vezes en sus galas,
Con fuego el fuego (gran cosa) se inflamma
D’el Amor aborreze Amor la llamma.[1]


1. áThis is based on Anthologia graeca 16.251. The punishment of Cupid (Amor) for the hurt he inflicts on men is a common theme in Hellenistic Greek poetry and art. This punishment is often carried out by Nemesis, goddess of retribution. Cupid’s arrows and torch are taken from him and destroyed, and he himself is bound, beaten, burned, and pricked with his own arrows.

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