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Las armas de los fuertes.

Dialogo. Lettor. Aguila.

Ottava rhima.

L. A’l hijo de Saturno ave sagrada á[M]
Que causa (di) bast˛ para moverte
A estar sobre Aristomenes sentada?[1]
A. Digo que como yo soy la mas fuerte
Entre las aves, ansi Ó este es dada
De los heroas la mas alta suerte.
De los cobardes las palomas sean
Armas, mas yo de los que bien pelean.

[Marginalia - link to text]Aguila consegrada Ó Juppiter.


1. áAristomenes was a Messenian hero of the seventh century BC, of semi-divine origin, who performed incredible exploits while leading his country for many years in resistance to the Spartans. On one occasion an eagle aided his miraculous escape from captivity.

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  • Strength, Power; 'Fortezza', 'Fortezza d'Animo e di corpo', 'Fortezza del corpo congiunta con la generosit├»┬┐┬Ż dell'animo', 'Fortezza & valore del corpo congiunto con la prudenza & virtu del animo', 'Forza'(Ripa) [54A7] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Courage, Bravery, Valiance, Manliness; 'Ardire magnanimo et generoso', 'Gagliardezza', 'Valore', 'Virt├»┬┐┬Ż heroica', 'Virt├»┬┐┬Ż dell'animo e del corpo' (Ripa) (+ emblematical representation of concept) [54A8(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Cowardice [54AA8] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Fear, Dread; 'Paura', 'Timidit├á o Timore', 'Timore' (Ripa) [56DD1] Search | Browse Iconclass

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