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Ottava rhima.

Austun ha el puerco, y Bourges el carnero á[M]
De aqui se harÓ el origen de mi tierra[1]
Mylan llamada en su nombre grosero,
Que en el Franšes lenguaje se enšierra.
Donde aora Thecla estÓ, fue de primero
En grande honor la diosa de la guerra.[2] á[M]
Y un puerco Ó Mylan es divisa anciana,
Que el medio sedas es, y el Medio-lana. á[M]

[Marginalia - link to text]Cibdades nobles de Francia

[Marginalia - link to text]Pallas

[Marginalia - link to text]Mylan en Latin Mediolanum


1. ámi tierra, ‘my home country’. Alciato was born near Milan, and wrote a history of the city and the surrounding area.

2. áThe name of Pallas/Minerva, the Roman virgin goddess, was transferred to a local Celtic divinity with some similarities. For the particular devotion of the early inhabitants to the worship of Minerva see Alciato, Historia Mediolanensis, col. 10. Tecla or Thecla was a Christian virgin martyr, supposedly a follower of St. Paul.

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