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Auxilium nunquam deficiens.

Help never failing


Bina pericla unis effugi sedulus armis,
Cm premererque solo, cm premererque salo.
Incolumen ex acie clypeus me praestitit, idem
Naufragum apprensus littora adusque tulit.[1]

Double danger have I escaped by careful use of one set of arms, when I was hard-pressed on dry land and when I was in dire straits amidst the swelling billows. My shield brought me safe from the battle. The same shield, when I seized it, carried me, ship-wrecked, right to the shore.


Fingit Autor militem quendam unicis suis
armis in diversis periculis sese egregi salvas-
se, cm enim is in terra militaret, scuto seu cly
peo suo ab inimicorum ictibus protegendo
se defendit, mox cm in Mari naufragium pas-
sus, super eodem natando ad litus usque por-
tatus denu incolumis evasit. Sic viris corda-
tis & magnanimis, fortuna, etiam in rebus
quantumcunque afflictis atque adversis, facil mo-
dum auxiliumve ministrat, ut denique vulg
fertur, fortes fortuna adiuvat.


1. This is based on Anthologia graeca 9, 42. See also 9, 109.

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