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Vis amoris.

Love’s might


Aligerum fulmen fregit Deus aliger, igne
Dum demonstrat uti est fortior ignis Amor.[1]

The winged god has broken the winged thunderbolt, showing that there is a fire more powerful than fire - and that is Love.

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Cupido Deus alatus fregit ac dissipavit vo
lans fulmen demonstrans amoris ignem quo-
vis alio igne longè superiorem esse, secundum
illud Virgilianum, Omnia vincit amor, quod
& Propertius lib. 2. sentit inquiens:

Errat qui finem vesani quaerit amoris.
Verus amor nullum novit habere modum.


1.  This is a translation of Anthologia graeca 16.250.

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