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The impossible


Abluis Aethiopem quid frustra? ah desine, noctis
Illustrare nigrae nemo potest tenebras.[1]

Why are you washing an Ethiopian in vain? Oh, do stop. No one can turn the shades of black night into light.

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Aethiops à natura nigerrimus, Solis enim
vicinitate suae regionis cremantur. ideoque etiamsi
plurimum lavetur, nigredo tamen non tolli-
tur, & in vanum laboratur, nemo enim un-
quam illustrare poterit obscuras tenebras no
ctis, & in proverbium abiit, Aethiopem la-
vas. Erasmus in Chiliadibus.


1.  This is a translation of Anthologia graeca 11.428. See also Aesop, Fables 11; Erasmus, Adagia 350, Aethiopen lavas.

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