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Au sang civil ardent de toutes pars
Quand par soy cheut Romme,[1] terre de Mars,[2]
Coustume estoit les bandes ensemble estre,
Et assembler l’une l’autre la dextre
Concorde, & foy ha celluy signe humain,
Que ceulx que joinct la foy, touchent la main.

C’est le commun signe de la foy civile que
toucher la main dextre l’un l’aultre.


1. Cf. Horace, Epodes 16.2, ‘Rome is being destroyed by her own might’ (written during the civil conflicts of 41 BC).

2. ‘Martial land’, a reference not only to Rome’s bellicose history but to the legend that Rome’s founder Romulus was the son of Mars, the god of war.

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