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Sur le tombeau d’Archiloc,[1] Guespes sont,
Qui signe vray de malle bouche font.

Archiloc, Pote Graec Iambic, en ses escriptz arm
de mesdisance, represenre tous hommes mesdisans
de parolle, ou d’escript, au reste bien faire inutil-
les, telles que sont les Guespes, qui en grand bruit
murmurantes, picquent tresaigrement, & ne font
miel, ne cire.


1. Archilochus was an eighth-century BC poet, author of much (now fragmentary) verse, including satire. This last was considered in antiquity to be excessively abusive and violent. See Horace, Ars Poetica, 79; also Erasmus, Adagia, 60 (Irritare crabrones).

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