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Des ennemis les dons, non bons.[1]

Hector Trojan, Ajax Grec escuyer,
Voulurent dons d’armes s’entrenvoyer,
Ajax l’espée, Hector print la ceincture.
Chascun des deux de sa mort garniture.
Car de l’espée, Ajax mort se donna:
Et la ceincture, Hector au char traina.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [O2v p212] Ainsi les dons d’ennemis: soubz couleur
De bon plaisir, portent futur malheur.[2]

Hector entre les Trojans, & Ajaxentre les
Grecz, vaillants champions: comme ilz fus-
sent aultrement ennemis mortelz: par ung
jour de treues se visiterent: & se donnerent
mutuellement dons militaires, mais de mau
vais presage. Car Hector receut d’Ajax la
ceincture, dond il fut tiré mort par les che-
vaulx. Ajax receut l’espée: de laquelle luy
mesme se tua, Ainsi aulx dons, & presens des
ennemis, ne se fault fier, Car ilz sont ou su-
spectz, ou ilz portent malheur.


1.  The gifts of enemies are no gifts. See Sophocles, Ajax 665, where Ajax so speaks of the ill-fated sword he had received from Hector.

2.  See Homer Iliad 7.299, for the occasion in the Trojan War when Hector (the Trojan hero, son of Priam) and Ajax (Telamon’s descendant, one of the best fighters on the Greek side) met in single combat and afterwards, the honours being even, exchanged gifts. (Ajax was carrying the vast shield for which he was famed). Later, he committed suicide by falling on the sword he received from Hector (see [A58a027] n. and CHECK [A58a165] n.). Hector was later killed in single combat by Achilles (prince of Thessaly, the Greek champion), who desecrated the body by tying it behind his chariot (it is suggested here that he used the sword-belt Hector had received from Ajax) and dragging it about before the eyes of the Trojans. See [A58a145].

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