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Adversus naturam peccantes.[1]

Those sinning against nature.

Turpe quidem factu, sed & est res improba dictu,[2]
Excipiat si quis Choenice ventris onus.
Mensuram legisque modum hoc excedere sanctae[3] est
Quale sic[4] incesto pollui adulterio.

It is certainly foul as a deed but also a wicked thing to speak of, if someone were to empty the burden of his bowels into a bushel-box. This means exceeding the measure and limit of divine law as it would be defiled by impure adultery.


Die wider die Natur sünden

Es ist ein scheutzlich that fürwar
Zu sagen ist es schendtlich gar
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [I4v f55v] So einer wolt seins leibes noth
Empfahen in ein Korb mit brot
Das ist das einer uberschreit
Die maß und weiß die das gsatz geit
Als der sich beflegt und bemast
Mit unnatürlicher Liebs rast.


1.  This emblem is omitted in most editions. For the translation of the Latin acknowledgement is made to the commentary in the Memorial Alciato website.

2.  Textual variant: ‘factu’ and ‘dictu’ reversed.

3.  Corrected from the errata.

4.  Corrected from the errata.

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