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In praeceps rapitur, frustra quoque tendit habenas
Auriga: effrenis [=effreni] quem vehit oris equus.
Haud facilè huic credas, ratio quem nulla gubernat,
Et temerè proprio ducitur arbitrio.[1]

A driver pulled by a horse whose mouth does not respond to the bridle is rushed headlong and in vain drags on the reins. You cannot readily trust one whom no reason governs, one who is heedlessly taken where his fancy goes.

Das CXI.


Gestürtzt werden muß der Furmann
Und umb sonst leitn beym zaum than
Die Pferdt so seyn unbendig wild
Und die man nit kan halten still
Dem fürwar nit wol ztrauwen ist
Der sich die vernunfft zu keinr frist
Füren last, sonder den da thut
Treiben allein sein eigner muth.


1.  In general see Plato’s image of the chariot of the soul, Phaedrus, 246, as indicated in the commentary.

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