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Ei qui semel sua prodegerit, aliena cre-
di non oportere.

Others’ property should not be entrusted to a person who has once squandered his own

Colchidos in gremio nidum quid congeris? eheu
Nescia cur pullos tàm malè credis avis?
Dira parens Medaea suos saevissima natos
Perdidit, & speras parcat ut illa tuis?[1]

Why do you build your nest in the bosom of the woman from Colchis? Alas, ignorant bird, why do you entrust your nestlings so mistakenly? That frightful mother, Medea, in her savagery slew her own children. Do you expect her to spare yours?

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Wer ein mal das sein unnützlich anwirt
dem sol man frembdes nicht ver-

Was machest dein Nest in die Schoß
Der Medea auß Colchidos?
Ey du nit wol liebs Vögelein
Vertrauwest deine junge klein
Medea das unbarmhertzig Weib
Hat umbbracht so auß irem Leib
Geborn ir eigne Kinder thon
Meinstu daß sie der deinr verschon?


1.  This is based on Anthologia graeca 9.346, a much-translated epigram, on the subject of a swallow that built her nest on a representation of Medea. Colchidos, ‘of the woman from Colchis’, refers to Medea, from Colchis on the Black Sea, who slew her children by Jason, leader of the Argonauts, to avenge his unfaithfulness. See further Emblem 89 ([A67a089]).

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