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In desciscentes.

On those who turn traitor

Quod fine egregios turpi maculaveris orsus,
In noxamque tuum verteris officium,
Fecisti, quod capra, sui mulctraria lactis
Cum ferit, & proprias calce profundit opes.[1]

Because you have spoilt your fine beginnings with a shameful end and turned your service into harm, you have done what the she-goat does when she kicks the bucket that holds her milk and with her hoof squanders her own riches.


Wider die so von irem ehrlichen Leben

Das du dein löblichen anfängn
Ein Schandtfleck und mal haßt anghangn
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [N4r f87r] Und hast dein ehrlichen standt gsetzt
In nachtheil schaden und verschetzt
Daran hastu wie die Geiß thon
Die in Kübel mit Milch thut ston
Und verschütt also mit irm Fuß
Ir eigen hab und uberfluß.


1.  See Erasmus, Adagia, 920 (Capra Syria), where the goat - of Syros, in the Aegean, not Scyros (as in the commentary here) - is wild.

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